October 23, 2008

My son

So I have a cat. I didn't want him but lets say I got "custody" of him. He has been thrust on me from day one. I told my X not to get the damn cat. She got the cat. I told her not to bring him over (we weren't living together at the time). She brought the cat over. Fine, he can't stay. He stayed.

Little bastard. He is black and white. His black fur comes halfway down his nose and it looks like a mask so his name is Zorro. His right eye is jacked up also. Its a little crossed. He bites, scratches my stuff. Gets fur everywhere! Meows early in the morning. And I don't mean randomly. This jackass is a freaking alarm clock. Every morning just before 7:30 he goes off.

When my X left she was moving to a campus property that wouldn't allow pets and with 3 other roommates she can't sneak him in. Sooo.....

.... So I have a cat. Zorro is my cat now and you know what? It's cool. I like him, but he is still a little bastard.

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