October 24, 2008

hedge hog

Yeah, there is a hedge hog issue as well. Bucky (I got my blog name from him) was purchased the nite before zorro. Imagine why... and yeah, thats a toilet paper roll on his head. Fail.

October 23, 2008

My pseudo top 5

Yesterday I was asked what my favorite movie is. It was a little odd because I had thought about the just the day before. Strange. I didn't know what to say then, and I don't know what to say now. I thought I would do a top 10 kind of thing but I figured that if I did a top 5 then I wouldn't have to add a slightly sucky movie, like oceans 11, to the list. So here is my top 5, with the caveat of understanding that any of these 5 could be my 1. Yeah, I'm undermining my top 5 anything posts of the future.

On to the 5!

God Father: With out the God Father I don't think we would have movies like Casino or Good Fellas. And those are great movies

Raising Arizona: This is a great flick about a couple who kidnap a child because they can't have any. This movie sets the standard for actors you see through out the Cohen brothers movies. And they gave us movies like the Big Lebowskie, O'brother where art thou, and Fargo. But I don't really like Fargo.

Clerks: Its black and white get over it. The fact that this movie was even made is amazing.

Trainspotting: An awesome movie about heroin. Yeah, hard to get excited about it. Like the Cohen brothers you see a lot of the same actors in Snatch, and Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels.

Office Space: "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta' "


I guess I should also point out that I am DDF, and a non-smoker too. I do drink beer, wine and liquor.

I prefer a non-smoker. Well its more than prefer, its a deal breaker.

My son

So I have a cat. I didn't want him but lets say I got "custody" of him. He has been thrust on me from day one. I told my X not to get the damn cat. She got the cat. I told her not to bring him over (we weren't living together at the time). She brought the cat over. Fine, he can't stay. He stayed.

Little bastard. He is black and white. His black fur comes halfway down his nose and it looks like a mask so his name is Zorro. His right eye is jacked up also. Its a little crossed. He bites, scratches my stuff. Gets fur everywhere! Meows early in the morning. And I don't mean randomly. This jackass is a freaking alarm clock. Every morning just before 7:30 he goes off.

When my X left she was moving to a campus property that wouldn't allow pets and with 3 other roommates she can't sneak him in. Sooo.....

.... So I have a cat. Zorro is my cat now and you know what? It's cool. I like him, but he is still a little bastard.

October 22, 2008

What am I doing here?

What am I doing here? That's a question that I had to answer to myself before I could do this. I Work out of my place so I don't get to go to work and meet/interact with people. I have been single for a few months now and I feel like I'm ready to date again. Instead of using a dating service or checking Craigs List all of the time I though I would just put myself out there and see what happens.

As I add posts I hope to express more of myself with out the hiding that comes from trying to impress somebody. If you have a specific question that I haven't addressed yet send it to me. I will either email you an answer or make a post out of it.